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Onsite Chair Massage brings therapeutic massage to your place of business. The therapist provides a specially designed chair and a session lasts anywhere from about 10-20 minutes. The massage is done with the client fully clothed and concentrates on the shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and back. This Massage is done generally on the client's break time, and leaves the client relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to return to work.

  • The Cost of Stress

    "Stress on or off the job cost US workplaces an estimated $200 billion a year in reduced productivity, accidents, compensation claims, absenteeism, employee turnover, health insurance, and medical expenses. This is more than after-tax profits of the Fortune 500 companies and 10 times the cost of all strikes combined."

    Recent studies show:
    ♦ Up to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints.
    ♦ Up to 80% of industrial accidents are due to stress.
    ♦ Over 50% of lost work days are stress-related.
    ♦ 14% of workers say stress caused them to quit or change jobs.

    Sources: Employee Burnout : America's Newest Epidemic (Northwestern National Life); Job Stress: The 20th Century Disease (UN International Labor Organization); Mitchum Report on Stress in the '90s; Onsite Seated Massage for the Workplace (Information for People)

  • How Does It Compare To Other Wellness Programs?

    Generally it's more convenient than most other programs. There is no need for the person to change clothes, shower or leave work. The results are immediate! Most health programs take months to show results. It can also avoid two common problems—spending more selling a program than the program itself costs, and then having it used by people who don't really need it any way. Massage also creates enthusiasm for better steps to wellness, change of diet and exercise as well as maybe emotional and psychological help. Provide more than a job and a check. Go beyond illness benefits, show you care about their health and wellness!

  • What Would We Need?

    There are three simple steps to set up the program:
    ♦ First designate someone to be the lead contact person. He or she will be responsible for helping the therapist, setting a schedule, and publicizing the program through Google documents.
    ♦ Provide a space. A simple break room, conference room or even a quiet corner is all that's needed. And after the day's session the room can be returned to normal.
    ♦ Encourage employees to use it. Be an example. Make sure you support the program and use it yourself.

  • Massage is often thought of as just a feel-good luxury for the wealthy or limited to use at special occasions. The truth is that as a society, we in the US have not yet fully accepted or learned how massage can help become healthier, stay healthier, and recover quicker from illness. Take a look below and ask yourself if any of these benefits could help you or your company:
    ♦Reduce Stress & Anxiety
    ♦Increase Morale
    ♦Increase Resistance to Illness
    ♦Decrease Repetitive Stress
    ♦Increases Circulation
    ♦Reduce Muscle Soreness


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